About School


Tagore's International Smart School was started in 2005 by Tagore Educational Society (Regd.) Jalandhar to provide world-class quality education to the children of Jalandharites especially to middle-middle class and lower-middle class people at affordable cost. Since the Society has already earned a fame for its rigour and excellence in achieving its aims i.e. academic excellence, innovative and revolutionary approach to methodology of teaching (No Homework Day Boarding Schooling), it has started this school to help small kids to become Smart, Bold, Intelligent & Confident personality. We aim to enable the innocent kids to face the challenges of new world order (i.e. global competition & free trade) wherein only the innovative and intelligent would survive. Hence, we train them, physically and mentally alike, to prove themselves the fittest in the struggle for survival. 

Our aim is to develop well-balanced and harmonious personalities of our students i.e. perfect physical health, imaginative alertness, intellectual excellence, mental stability and moral strength. We also aim to inculcate personal and national character, work culture, dedication to the service of society and mankind, torch-bearer of equality, non-violence, tolerance, democratic and secular values. 

School is taking best of Indian Culture and our rich heritage to evolve a pattern of education, which develops in students the best of mind, physique and consciousness based upon the spirit of secularism to make them true citizens of India. The rich healthy environment of the school campus helps in the multifaceted development of child's personality. The mind to be trained (not to be stuffed) is the basic aim of the school.

 For overall development of personality and to explore hidden talents, a large number of hobby classes are conducted in the school including Painting, Quiz, Declamation, Singing, Dance, Music, Public Speaking and Recitation. From time to time, competitions are organized in these hobbies. Every child on the stage and every child in the ground. Picnic and excursions are organized every year.

The school is situated in pollution-free, noiseless, eco-friendly environment to assure good healthy atmosphere. It has all state-of-art facilities - fully computerized pre-primary education, a spacious auditorium, all types of modern facilities - separate lavatories, safe & pure drinking water, transport facility, a big library and well-equipped Science lab., Maths lab., Computer lab., & Language lab. Huge Library, up-to-date Science Lab & Hi-Tech Computer Lab to make education meaningful, inculcating healthy study habits. We have tied up with EduComp Solution Limited which is the largest education technology company in India. It enable us to bring technology inside the classroom. Our teachers are using Digital Visual resources such as Interactive Boards, Graphic Animation, 3-D Images and Video Clips to make difficult and abstract concepts easy. This learning become enjoyable experience and overall academic performance of students improve making our students smarter. Spacious and well-equipped Pre-Nursery wing ensures enjoyment-based learning opportunities for small kids. School assures to train children to meet challenges of future life successfully; to make them responsible citizens; emotionally balanced, creative & imaginative persons.

 An institute with a repute of more than two decade, an ideal institute to transform a toddler into a responsible citizen, a better human being and above all a successful and a prosperous person.

 It is a purely English-medium school but due importance is given to regional and national languages (i.e. Punjabi & Hindi). Punjabi & Hindi are taught from the very beginning.

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