Pre-Primary Wing & Primary Wing

From family to school is the most crucial stage for any child. A teacher holds a little hand, unfolds a mind, sharpens a brain, broadens a vision, touches a heart and shapes the future of the innocent little soul. So a burden free education for 3-5years children with sufficient space to move freely and sufficient time to watch, observe, think and practice is provided. Children feel safe and explore the world around them in classrooms vibrant with playful activities and colours, under the supervision of dedicated, professional staff with the help of trained Ayas. There is exploration room. It is a place to learn by doing. Using various kinds of educational kits, smart boards and developing communicating skills by story telling and reading activities. Classrooms are furnished with materials like blocks, smart boards, colours, toys which encourage imagination and develop their motor skills. Emphasis on physical well-being, good posture, good habits and character formation, self-discipline, emotional development and sociability is laid.
Bringing hidden talents out is our aim in a homely and congenial environment making the school as lovable as home. Regular mother workshops are held for effective overall growth of the child. Teachers act as navigators (friend and guide) and locate areas of genuine interest of each child.  Children learn at their own speed which generate self-confidence and sense of self-worthiness in children.
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