Sec. & Sr. Sec.Wing

This group comprises of Board examination classes as per pattern of All India Senior Secondary Education Examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Examination Delhi. Here it is imperative to find out the genuine interest and aptitude of students as early as possible so that students can focus on their future aims of life with the option of choices from Humanities, Commerce and Sciences. School councilor helps them to choose these subjects as per their potential aptitude, interest and goal. These are done by regular aptitude tests by experts.
Students have more of practical knowledge and self study for which students have free access to all laboratories and library. A computer lab with advance technology, Internet connection, different softwares as per students requirements is there to improve accuracy, speed, distinguished expression which is necessary for these Senior Secondary and Competitive examination.
School offers expert coaching cum guidance, a stimulating environment to study I close contact between staff and students. It encourages teaching in small groups; group discussion, classrooms assignments, library usage programmes and full length   practical tests. School provides experts guidance and helpful test strategies for professional entrance tests such as P.M.T, J.E.T, C.A.T, M.B.A etc. Essential information about career opportunities will be provided to students. Guidance for admission in foreign universities will be also provided.
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