Circulars (Teachers)


 Do's and Dont's For Teachers


  • Be well prepared before you teach the students.
  • Be aware of student's P.K. and abilities, when plan activities.
  • Plan for different learning style (in Visual & Audio).
  • Plan activities involving movement, fun etc. for every topic.
  • Allow children figure out their mistakes.
  • Allow students work in groups, assign tasks to work like a member of a team.
  • Establish appropriate listening, speaking and answering / responding behaviour.
  • Give breaks - Establish actions to gain and bring back students' attention.
  • Use ice breakers, motivating games etc. to motivate students quickly.
  • Create a situation rather than force a child to join an activity.
  • Allow extra time for slow learners and show patience. Prepare reports in progress.
  • Let children explore and learn from outside the classroom.
  • Make your class fun, so that children want to come to school everyday because of you.


  • Punish any child physically, tease, humiliate or use harsh words or torture mentally.
  • Teach a mistake. Be sure what is correct whether it is spelling or pronunciation.
  • Discourse - Demotivate or anything that could affect interest or cause a depression.
  • Take action against any child without explaining.
  • Humiliate a student publically.
  • Overwhelm children with rules & routines.
  • Judge children with prejudice.
  • Give too many worksheets & homeworks. Stick to school's homework policy.
  • Reprimand a student in front of others; a quiet word in their ear is okay.
  • Begin teaching until everyone is meeting your expectation. It sends wrong message to them.
  • Talk matters other than school related with staffroom.
  • Use mobile phone during class hours.
  • Force children to perform too many tasks inappropriate to age or time available.
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