Aims & Objectives


To make our system of school education more suitable to the changing nature of tomorrow s workplace and to meet the needs and aspirations of modern India as a world power, The SMART SCHOOL will make children SMART in the real sense of the word i.e. their all round development will be ensured.

To make our education more fruitful, we will try to achieve the following goals :

  • SMART STUDENTS - Sharp Intelligence, Excellent Communication Skills, Original Thinking, Innovative Creativeness.
  • SMART PROFESSIONALS - par excellence in profession, Work culture and Sense of duty.
  • SMART CITIZENS - Social Discipline, High Moral Values, Good Mannerism, Law-Abiding, Good Physique & Stable Mind. SMART KNOWLEDGE- Independent self less pursuit of knowledge by students.
  • SMART PARTICIPATION - Wilful active participation in all educational & co-curricular activities.
  • SMART TASTE - Aesthetic sense leading to refinement of taste.
  • SMART ACHIEVERS - Consistency, Right Approach, Right Direction, Positive Attitude, Patience to become a successful man in life, coaxing, cajoling, demanding excelled result.
  • SMART PROMOTERS - Promoting our sacred national goals enshrined in our Constitution (Socialism, Democracy, Secularism, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Fraternity).
  • SMART LEADERS - Positive attitude of Leading & Winning.
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