School Curriculum


School Structure and Courses

The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E. and follows the courses and rules laid down by it.

The school is divided into five sectors :

1. Pre-Primary Pre-Nur. KG-II

2. Primary I – V

3. Middle VI – VIII

4. Secondary IX – X

5. Senior Secondary XI, XII

Along with six main subjects laid down by C.B.S.E. i.e. English, Hindi, Regional Language (Punjabi), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies – The school offers G.K. and Computers as teaching subjects. Due Importance is given to Art Education and work experience along with Physical and Health Education, Painting, Dance & Music with Library period.

1. Punjabi is introduced in Class-I

2. A student has to study 2 languages besides English till Std. X

The school offers following subjects for XI, XII. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Physical Education, English Core, Informatics Practices, Music (Vocal). 

Assessment and Examination Policy 

Pre-Primary Classes  : The school lays stress on all round development of the child and stress free education. The primary objective is to build the basic concepts in the minds of children. Activities are conducted and playway techniques and used to train the children. Maximum books are kept in school to reduce the load of the bag.

Primary Classes : The school follows a system of continuous twice a year along with two unit tests. Due stress is laid on reading, recitation, pronunciation, lab activities, practicals, hands on activities, projects, creative writing.

Middle Classes : Semester System is followed for classes VI-VII. Terminal exams are conducted twice a year along with 2 unit tests. In term 2 exams 10% syllabus from term 1 for class VI, 20% for VII and 30% for VIII class is included. The objective is to prepare the students gradually for class IX and X.

Senior Classes : An annual system of examination is followed for IX and X. Final examination for class X is conducted by Board based on the whole syllabus. Three projects tests are conducted in the month of July, September and December. The assessment structure is as follows, :

Written Test Internal Assessment Total 100 Marks

IX School based Periodic Test Note Book Subject enrichment

X Conducted by (10 Marks) submission activities (5 marks)

Board 5 marks (ASL, Practicals, Lab Work, Map Work,  Assignments, Quiz etc.


Co-scholastic activities are judged on a five point scale (A-E). Students are also judged on the basis of Regularity, Punctuality, Confidence, Self-Control, Discipline etc.

Senior Secondary : The annual system of examination is followed for XI and XII. For Class XI Final examination is conducted by school & X & Class XII by CBSE Board. One mid-term examination, 2 unit tests and 1 pre-board examination is conducted during the session apart from the final examination. 

Posted on : 01/04/2019